your CTA


Kickstart your career in Change.

The formula for the success of our Change & Transformation Academy (abbr. CTA) is very simple: Offer a globally acclaimed and self-sufficient certification standard – no additional courses needed.

Numerous schools and universities already teach Change Management at the highest levels. So why set up just another course? This is exactly where we come in. You already learn what there is to know about successfully realising change including the people. Building on this we offer you an independent and globally acclaimed certification standard. You will just sit our CTA exam, no additional courses. It’s as simple as that.

What your professor needs to know: Their syllabus has to cover the majority of our curriculum. Membership in our CTA program is free of any cost or charges. They will just have to make sure that the exam takes place under proper conditions (exam supervision). We will provide all exam documents.

We designed our Change & Transformation Academy as streamlined as possible, in order to get started as quick as possible – without any administrative hurdles. Our mission is for you to be offered the best opportunities to build up a successful career in Change Management.

Tell your fellow students, let your professor know about our CTA program and connect us so that we can include their course in our Change & Transformation Academy.