our curriculum for CTA


Learn from the best.

Looking at what we expect our CTA candidates to know, we strive to give direction for a few most effective resources to start learning about Change Management. This list of books worth reading does not claim completeness of any kind, and intends to give you a good idea what to look out for*:

  • Making Sense of Change Management; Esther Cameron & Mike Greene; Kogan Page; 4th Revision (2015) – ISBN-13: 978-0749472580
  • Leading Change; John P. Kotter; Harvard Business Review Press; New edition (2012) – ISBN-13: 978-1422186435
  • Healing the wounds; David M. Noer; Jossey Bass; revised edition (2009) – ISBN-13: 978-0470500156


Personal Change
Kolb’s Learning Cycle
Concept of unconscious competence
Reinforcement strategies
Hygiene factors and motivators
Emotional cycle of change (Kübler-Ross)
Maslow hierarchy of needs
Team Change
Groups vs. Teams
Improve team effectiveness
Tuckman’s model of team change
Organisational Change
Visionary Leadership
Transformational Leadership
Types of leaders
O’Neill: Key roles to successful change
Leadership styles
Daniel Goleman: Emotional intelligence
Cameron & Greene: 5 leadership qualities
Rosabeth Moss Kanter: How to persevere
Marking Beginning and End
Steven R. Covey: Principle-centered leadership
Simon Sinek: Golden Circle
Change Agents
Change Agency types
Facilitating organisational change

*: Any suggestion for reading material we make is purely based on our subjective point of view. We do not have any business relationship with any party involved in writing or publishing books, specifically including authors and publishing agencies.