certification criteria


Crafted to convince.

Designed by experts from both consulting and academia, CTC certification in Change & Transformation Management conveys both profound knowledge in the field of Change Management, as well as extensive expertise and a proven track-record in realising sustainable change.

Part of our professional certification process for CTP and CTE is you providing a case study. When crafting your case study, we are looking for you to detail how exactly you approach to realise change. This is why we set up 25 criteria across 8 domains, that help you structure your case study. Our case study templates reflect exactly these and guide your through the process.

For each certification level you will have to cover a subset of those criteria:

CTPCTEFast-Track to CTE
15 of 25 criteria, at least one from each domain.10 of 25 criteria that were not covered in your CTP.All 25 criteria.

Change Management Diagnosis

  1. Understanding the purpose of the transformation, and the role of Change Management in support of this transformation
  2. The challenges that their Change Management approach will face in supporting the transformation
  3. The limitations of the scope of application of their Change Management agenda

Change Clarity

  1. Clarifying the change for the project team
  2. Clarifying the change for those impacted by the change
  3. Defining mission and vision statements of the transformation

Change Coordination

  1. Plotting of a stakeholder landscape
  2. Classification of stakeholders
  3. Managing & influencing senior managers/decision makers

Change Capability

  1. Diagnosing the Change Capacity of an organisation/individual
  2. Identifying the prerequisites for the transformation
  3. Recognising the role of culture for the transformation

Change Commitment

  1. Recognising the signs of resistance to changes, and analysing the root causes
  2. Handling and overcoming resistance with appropriate interventions
  3. Increasing acceptance for the transformation by influencing stakeholders appropriately

Change Championing

  1. Evaluation of change leadership and its effective management
  2. Fostering and utilising change champions
  3. Stakeholder mapping and management

Change Communication

  1. Communicating the vision and the purpose of the transformation to all stakeholders
  2. Tailoring communication message specifically by stakeholder needs
  3. Selecting appropriate communication channels and messengers

Change Cementation

  1. Undertaking health checks to track progress and highlight issues
  2. Applying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to validate the success and progress of CM activities
  3. Considering progress along the Emotional Change Curve to progress towards sustainable change

Lessons Learned

  1. Learning from their experiences to make/adapt future CM application